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Who is who?
by houkou_onchi (houkou_onchi)
at March 29th, 2008 (11:01 pm)

Reposting this. The old list isn't up-to-date anymore, so I'd like to remake it. This is a copy from the previous post btw. Comment if you are amemeber of the forums and want to be put on the list.

This is a list of all users of this LJ community and their names on the forums.
If you want to be added, just post a comment. Be sure to check out if I added your name correctly.

Also be sure to join or watch the community.

Watch community

You will see new posts from this community on your friends page, only if they aren't protected.
You also won't be an actual member.

Join community

You will become an actual member of this community. You can read all entries of this community, also protected ones.

More info:

If you changed your name on LJ or the forums, please comment here again.

LJ Username - Forum username (in alphabetical order)

houkou_onchi - Virtual Headache